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Mi-T-M Air Compressors

Mi-T-M 5-Gallon Single Stage
Electric Air Compressors

The hand carry, 5-gallon electric air compressor makes your jobs easier and more efficient by supplying the extra air power needed. Simply plug it into the nearest outlet and go.

Mi-T-M 5-Gallon Single Stage
Gasoline Air Compressors

Do it yourself jobs can seem daunting at first. For those who don't know where to begin, Mi-T-M's hand carry single stage 5-gallon air compressors make your jobs easier and more efficient by supplying you the extra power needed. Our gasoline models are perfect for remote jobsites.

Mi-T-M 8-Gallon Single Stage
Electric Air Compressors

Designed and manufactured to the same stringent quality standards as all Mi-T-M equipment this air compressor offers maximum efficiency and flexibility. The industrial electric motor features an auto start/stop and a 10-inch fly wheel for extra cooling and longer life.

Mi-T-M 8-Gallon Single Stage
Gasoline Air Compressors

Designed for jobs which require a bit more power than standard tools can deliver, this Mi-T-M portable air compressor is ideal for light to moderate use. This gas driven model comes equipped with a 12-inch fly wheel for extra cooling and longer life and features convenient lifting handles for ease of use.

Mi-T-M 8-Gallon Two Stage
Gasoline Air Compressors

Ideal for both contractors and remodelers this two stage air compressor provides a reliable air source on remote jobsites. This model allows for more air to be stored for future use while generating less heat which reduces wear and extends the life of the air compressor.

Mi-T-M 20-Gallon Single Stage
Electric Air Compressors

Packed with features that let you take on more demanding jobs with more storing capacity, this electric model is the perfect solution for service shops. The quality cast iron compressor is efficient and reliable.

Mi-T-M 20-Gallon Single Stage
Gasoline Air Compressors

This gas driven, portable, single stage 20-gallon air compressor features a rugged handle and large tires that allows for greater portability and high quality performance for any task. The high-volume air capacity provides great productivity and flexibility on the jobsite.

Mi-T-M 20-Gallon Two Stage
Gasoline Air Compressors

If you're in the market for power then this air compressor will meet all your needs. Strong and durable, quick and efficient, it is built of cast iron and stainless-steel and can store ample pressure with its powder coated ASME 20-gallon receiver tank. Portable or stationary, this unit will deliver.

Mi-T-M 30 & 80-Gallon & Base Mount
Two Stage Gasoline Air Compressors

Two stage air compressors provide a reliable air source in commercial, industrial and automotive applications. More efficient than their single stage counterparts, these models compress air to a higher pressure while generating less heat, reducing wear and extending compressor life. Choose from the 30-gallon or 80-gallon tank mounted options or the base mount unit for easy installation.

Mi-T-M 80 & 120-Gallon Two Stage
Electric Air Compressors

Built in the highest quality possible, Mi-T-M air compressors are efficient and dependable. The 80 and 120-gallon horizontal and vertical models have a large capacity storage tank which offers longer run times and faster recovery for as long as you need them to do the job.

Mi-T-M "M" Series 80 & 120-Gallon
Two Stage Electric Air Compressors

The ultimate in air compressors, the M Series comes complete with all available options to meet the most demanding industrial air needs, including machine shops, automotive repair facilities and general industrial applications.

Mi-T-M Single/Two Stage Gasoline
8-Gallon Air Compressor/Generators

Run your air tools and electric power tools off one convenient machine with the Mi-T-M air compressor/ generator combination. Now your shop air compressor can also act as a backup power source during times of power failure. The 8-gallon model with the industrial 1800 or 3500-watt generator comes in a portable version to take this versatile tool wherever the job takes you.

Mi-T-M Two Stage Gasoline 30-Gallon
Air Compressor/Generators

Power this mighty unit with either a Honda, Kohler or Subaru engine, include a cast iron two-stage compressor and an industrial 3500 or 4000-watt generator and you'll have enough electrical power and the ability to power air tools in your shop or in the most remote locations. The 30-gallon storage tank gives you enough air capacity for extra productivity. Whatever your needs, this all-in-one piece of equipment is well worth the investment.

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