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Industrial Portable Heaters

Mi-T-M Kerosene Forced Air

Mi-T-M introduces a 600,000 BTU
model to it's kerosene-fired forced
air line of heaters. Ideal for commercial, industrial and
agricultural applications, these
portable units are easy to operate
and extends heat to a wide area
creating a comfortable environment
in the harshest conditions.

Mi-T-M Propane Forced Air

Mi-T-M's hand carry propane forced air heaters feature enclosed gas controls and heavy-duty steel construction. Ready to use - just connect to propane cylinder and plug-in.

Mi-T-M Kerosene Indirect Ductable
Job Site Series

Mi-T-M introduces the Job Site Series of indirect heaters. Designed for use in ventilated buildings and construction sites for drying and heating large areas.

Mi-T-M Propane/Natural Gas Directional
Elite Series

Introducing the new Elite Series directional heaters. Available in propane and natural gas, these ductable heaters are great for large or small area applications and provide worry-free heating or air circulation for a wide range of applications.

Mi-T-M Gas-Fired Convection

The industrial-duty propane or natural gas convection portable heaters heat quietly and efficiently. These heaters provide powerful instant heat with no electricity required.

Mi-T-M Kerosene Radiant

Mi-T-M kerosene radiant portable heaters maximize radiant output for natural and soothing warmth. These portable heaters will keep you comfortable even with lower air temperatures.

Mi-T-M Propane Tank-Top Radiant

For convenient, versatile radiant heat, these propane tank-top heaters are great for outdoor use. Just connect to a standard 20 pound propane cylinder for up to 48 hours of heating.

Mi-T-M Propane Radiant Outdoor Pation Heater

Just about every climate could use a Mi-T-M patio portable heater for cool evenings or chilly days. Sleek and attractive, this model provides up to a 210 square foot radius of heat on a patio or deck and is sure to keep your guests warm.

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