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Hydro Tek Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hydro Tek HD Series

The HD Series offers rugged, dependable, affordable washing. It features a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, handles, panels and coil protection

Hydro Tek HP Series

The HP Series combines the cleaning power of high pressure and high water flow with the grease cutting effectiveness of hot water. Simply pull the trigger on the spray gun, and instantly the machine turns itself on and delivers high pressure cleaning power. The temperature can be adjusted to cold, hot, or steam for any cleaning application. The portable design and stainless steel construction offers years of trouble free service and cleaning performance anywhere electrical power is available.

Hydro Tek HN Series

The HN Series is an ideal stationary unit offering high output that is fully controlled at the wash site with its standard remote control. It delivers the ultimate in convenience to save time and money: no fuel tanks to fill, no pilot to light, no garden hose to hunt down, no running back to the machine to turn the soap on, it even has automatic shut off. This rugged and proven washer will perform and thrive under the harshest industrial applications. Its versatile cleaning power is preferred by mining, fleet managers, processing plants, and factories everywhere.

Hydro Tek HE Series

The HE Ultimate Duty Series is an environmentally friendly, all electric hot washer. Safe for indoor operation, it does not require exhaust ducting or emit hazardous fumes into the workplace. The unique, maintenance free electric heating system instantly provides up to 250

Hydro Tek SS Series

The SS Series is a power washer that uses the 12-volt charging system on the engine to power the diesel-fired burner giving you continuous hot water. Its compact size allows passage through standard doorways, and simple design makes it easy to run and maintain. The SS series is versatile, you select a mounting option: on a trailer, on a truck, on wheels or stationary. The SS Series has the output to perform heavy duty cleaning without needing any outside electrical power. Simply turn the key for high pressure, hot cleaning strength. An invaluable piece of equipment for property management companies, farmers, mechanics or anyone requiring a mobile cleaning solution for dirt, grease, and grime.

Hydro Tek SC Series

The SC Series is a high output hot mobile wash skid with serious cleaning power. It was designed to withstand the daily use by professionals who rely on its dependability to make a living. Its high impact power enables it to handle just about any size cleaning task with ease and without the need for an outside power source. The SC Series is powered by industrial engines, hi torque

Hydro Tek SCU Series

Experience ultimate duty cleaning power. The SCU Series has the reserve horsepower and heat rise to get the job done faster, with less soap. It has a rust proof, stainless steel frame and long lasting, quality components to withstand the daily use that a professional demands. The built-in generator has additional capacity to run lights or water recycle accessories and you can also carry water with the optional ProTowWash trailer for total self-containment. Experience ultimate duty cleaning power. The SCU Series 2-gun system has unbeatable water flow output and heat rise with 614,000 BTUs to get the job done much faster than comparable hot washers. The SCU Series has a rust proof, stainless steel frame and long lasting, quality components to withstand the daily use that a professional deman

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