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Mi-T-M Single & Dual Axle Trailers

Mi-T-M offers several options for trailer mounted pressure washers for the ultimate in portable cleaning. Trailer units are fully integrated, self-contained systems and are designed with a large water supply tank for working at remote sites where
water is not accessible. The heavy-duty construction of the trailer and the axle suspension provides an easy ride ensuring the longevity of your equipment. Add a high quality Mi-T-M pressure washer and you are ready to deliver big power to get big jobs done quickly, wherever you need to work. 

Specification Sheet


MiTM_Trailers MiTM_Trailers

Single-Axle Trailers:

 u 5-ft 8.5-in trailer

 u 3-in x 4.25-in angle frame

 u Single axle rated to 3,500 lbs

 u 2 x ST205-75R 15-in radial tires w/white spoke rims

 u 2-in coupler, swivel jack with pad

 u 3,500-lb gross vehicle weight

 u Tank enclosed in powder coated steel frame

Models include:
- AW-9000-0005, 200-gal tank & surge brakes
- AW-9000-0006, 200-gal tank & electric brakes
- AW-9000-0007, 200-gal water tank only


Hydro Tek ProTowWash® Trailers

 u Powder-coated steel frame

 u Torflex axles

 u 200-gal up to 540-gal water tank capacity

 u Watertight sealed and recessed tail lights

 u Integrated storage tube and storage box

 u 2-in coupler w/safety chains and bolt-on,
    swing-up jack w/oversize wheel

 u High capacity water filter w/ 1.5-in drain valve

Specification Sheet

Model Capacity Axle GVWR Brakes Class Length
T200N 200-gal single 3500 lbs none II 125"
T200E 200-gal single 3500 lbs electric II 125"
T250E 270-gal single 3500 lbs electric II 125"
T300N 270-gal tandem 4400 lbs none III 130"
T300S 270-gal tandem 4400 lbs surge III 130"
T300EE 270-gal tandem 4400 lbs electric III 130"
T400S 400-gal tandem 5000 lbs surge III 156"
T400EE 400-gal tandem 5000 lbs electric III 156"
T500S 2 x 270-gal tandem 7000 lbs surge IV 168"
T500EE 2 x 270-gal tandem 7000 lbs 2) electric IV 168"
T50DS (dual skid) 270-gal tandem 7500 lbs surge IV 168"
T50DE (dual skid) 270-gal tandem 7500 lbs electric IV 168"
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