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3000 to 4000 PSI Cold Water Pressure Washers

Hotsy 1700 Series

The 1700 Series Cold Water Pressure Washers offers the most reliable stationary, electric-powered, cold water pressure washer featuring a Hotsy belt-drive pump with 7-year warranty, insulated variable pressure wand and ETL safety certification.

Hotsy BD Series

The BD Series Cold Water Pressure Washers is the most rugged cold water pressure washer on the market with its all-steel frame and cage, Hotsy belt-drive, triplex pump and cleaning power of up to 5000. Four gas models make up what is Hotsy's most durable cold water line-up ever.

Hotsy BX/BXA Series

The BX/BXA Series Cold Water Pressure Washers is the similarly rugged, but more compact, line of belt-drive cold water pressure washers. Powered by Honda GX engines, the BX/BXA series delivers cleaning of up to 3500 and an all-steel frame protected by a durable powder coat finish. Hotsy pumps carry a 7-year warranty.

Hotsy DA Series

The gas-powered DA Series pressure washers are offer a lightweight, compact, design for cold-water cleaning. All four models feature a direct drive pump. Recoil start with Honda GX or GC engines. ETL certified.

Hotsy DB Series

The DB Series Cold Water Pressure Washers is the most compact, affordable alternative, in the cold water line featuring a direct-drive pump. All four models are powered by reliable Honda engines. Light-weight design and tubed pneumatic tires make for easy maneuvering.

Mi-T-M JP Gasoline Series

The JP Series features a 1-inch steel extended handle design for excellent balance and mobility. Equipped with either a powerful Honda engine or performance proven Subaru engine this model has great cleaning power.

Mi-T-M CA Series

Fitted with Mi-T-M's patented vibration plate, the CA Series aluminum pressure washer is lightweight yet rugged. Designed for easy mobility, this high-pfm5 model travels easily from jobsite to jobsite.

Mi-T-M CBA Series

The popular CBA Series of pressure washers features a lightweight aluminum frame, base plate and belt guard making it one of the most lightweight, yet industrial-quality models in the industry. The patented vibration isolation plate is designed to absorb vibration and noise and will reduce movement of the unit while it is running.

Mi-T-M JCW Series

Don't let the compact design of the JCW Series pressure washers fool you. This rugged belt-driven unit is built with an all-steel frame and base plate and can handle even the toughest environments. The JCW Series delivers cleaning of up to 4000-PSI and every model features an AR pump with a limited 7-year warranty.

Mi-T-M CW Premium Series

Built for industrial cleaning jobs, the CW Premium Series is deemed the workhorse of the Mi-T-M industrial cold water pressure washer line. With its heavy-duty belt drive system, this gas-driven unit can withstand whatever you throw at it and is offered in a wide selection of cleaning power from 2500-PSI to 4000-PSI.

Mi-T-M CWC Series

The Mi-T-M CWC Series pressure washers are built for continuous heavy-duty cleaning with an 8-hour run time and up to 6000-PSI. One of the most powerful cold water pressure washers on the market today, this unit is jobsite ready with 1 1/4-inch roll cage, handles, and lifting hook.

Mi-T-M CW Premium Gasoline Series

Diesel powered pressure washers are often chosen for the heavy-duty cleaning power needed by shipping and marine professionals. Boats, decks, docks, and other marine equipment are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of salt water and require constant cleaning. Oil and mining industry is another application where diesel powered pressure washers outperform their gas and electric counterparts.

Mi-T-M JP Electric Series

The portable electric JP Series features quiet operation and no exhaust which is ideal for indoor applications where exhaust fumes are prohibited. Designed for medium duty, commercial use.

Mi-T-M CW Premium Electric Portable Series

The electric version of the CW Series offers up to 5000-PSI of cleaning power. Perfect for heavily-soiled commercial and industrial equipment that requires indoor cleaning, electric pressure washers are much quieter than gas models and there is no need to worry about proper ventilation because of exhaust fumes. With a 7-year pump warranty, you know this unit is built to last.

Mi-T-M CW Premium Electric Stationary Series

The stationary version of the CW electric series is designed for wash bays, golf courses, and restaurant applications where mobility isn't necessary. The stainless-steel package design ensures longevity even in the toughest environments.

Hydro Tek CPS Series

The CPS Series is a rugged, gas powered cold water wash skid. The low rpm belt drive pump runs cooler to ensure long life and is ideal for use when drawing water from a bulk tank. The heavy duty powder coated, Pro-Tect-It frame prevents damage to components; allowing you to take it, worry free, through the roughest terrain. The industrial grade gasoline engine allows you the flexibility of providing cleaning power

Hydro Tek CPD Series

The CPD Series spot free pressure washer is portable, gas powered, and simple to operate. It is constructed of a rustproof, stainless steel cage frame and matched with industrial duty components to ensure years of operation. A stainless hose reel is integrated into the frame design for quick and tidy hose management. While on the jobsite, the dolly style frame makes it easy to pull up a flight of stairs or lower off a curb while still leaving plenty of room in your pickup for your other tools. The CPD spot free pressure washer is ideal for window, RV, auto, boat, truck, motorcycle or anything else you would like to air dry with a nice spot free finish.

Hydro Tek CW Series

The CW Series is a unique washer with hot water inlet capabilities that saves you time and money. Pressure clean thoroughly using your existing hot-water supply* (up to 160

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