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Refurbished Equipment

Portable Generators

Mi-T-M 1700, 3200 & 4300-Watt
Gasoline Inverters

Specifically designed to be quiet and powerful, Mi-T-M inverter generators are perfect to help power your RV and other recreational vehicles. It is the ultimate solution for clean, quiet and high-powered energy.

Mi-T-M 3200 & 6000-Watt
ChoreMaster Series

With commitment to quality and performance, Mi-T-M ChoreMaster

Mi-T-M 3000, 4000 & 5000-Watt
Gasoline Generators

This portable generator provides dependable power for homeowners seeking a reliable electrical backup yet is powerful enough for most industrial and contractor needs. It features a large low-tone muffler for quiet operation and a low profile compact design.

Mi-T-M 6000, 7500 & 8000-Watt
Gasoline Generators

Built to work, you'll want this generator on every jobsite. Its heavy-duty full-wrap frame and impact resistant corners minimizes damage from rough handling. A performance-proven engine makes it reliable and efficient and because it's a Mi-T-M you'll enjoy using it for many years.

Mi-T-M 13000 & 14000-Watt
Gasoline Generators

Designed for the contractor, this generator is built to withstand even the most demanding applications. With a reputation for performance it is a virtual powerhouse with the added benefit of being portable enough to easily move from jobsite to jobsite.

Mi-T-M 6000-Watt Diesel Generator

A diesel generator from Mi-T-M is built with only the highest quality generator components including the powerful Yanmar engine. Known for their long life span, diesel generators typically have lower operating costs and run nearly smoke free. They have become a very popular choice on the jobsite.

BE Pressure Supply 2200 & 3500-Watt
Gasoline Inverters

BE Pressure Supply 1200, 3100, 6500, &
9000-Watt Gasoline Generators

Mi-T-M Single/Two Stage Gasoline
8-Gallon Air Compressor/Generators

Run your air tools and electric power tools off one convenient machine with the Mi-T-M air compressor/ generator combination. Now your shop air compressor can also act as a backup power source during times of power failure. The 8-gallon model with the industrial 1800 or 3500-watt generator comes in a portable version to take this versatile tool wherever the job takes you.

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