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Natural Gas-Fired Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hotsy 700 Series

The 700 Series Hot Water Pressure Washer offers a nice balance of Hotsy ruggedness and cleaning performance, yet the affordability of an entry-level machine. In addition to the three direct-drive models, this series also offers a belt-drive model that cleans at 3.5 gpm and 3000 psi. The multiple fuel and electrical options makes the 700 series ideal for meeting the needs of commercial customers. All models are ETL safety certified and feature the Hotsy pump with a 7-year warranty.

Hotsy 900 Series

The 900 Series Hot Water Pressure Washer takes on the heaviest of industrial cleaning jobs. Built with Hotsy ruggedness throughout, the 24 models provide a broad selection of fuel and electrical options - delivering the cleaning power of 3.9 gpm & 2000 psi or 3.8 gpm & 2300 psi. Oil-heated models come with a wheel kit for on-site portability. The 900 series of hot water pressure washers are backed by a market-leading 7-year warranty on the Hotsy pump.

Hotsy 1400 Series

The 1400 Series Hot Water Pressure Washer packs the biggest punch of Hotsy's portable, electric-powered hot water pressure washers with a cleaning force of 3.9 gpm and 3000 psi. Powered by a 7.5 HP, 1725 RPM or 8.2 HP, 3450 RPM Baldor motor with 24 configurations, including portable and stationary models, the 1400 series offers hours of non-stop heavy-duty cleaning of everything from trucks to heavy equipment. Besides its ruggedness, the 1400 series is also ETL certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards. All models come standard with a stainless steel coil skin.

Hotsy 1800 Series

The 1800 Series Hot Water Pressure Washer is a compact, affordable solution for cleaning with hot water indoors. The 7 stationary models are electric-driven and natural gas, oil or optional LP gas-heated, using Hotsy's high-efficiency vertical hot water coil. The sleek cabinet panels are easily removed to provide access to the Smart Relay control panel, allowing the user to set the thermostat to the desired temperature, as well as set the run time, auto start/stop and time delay shut down functions. This heavy-duty cleaning machine is ideal for use in manufacturing or even food processing facilities where hot water is needed for cleaning machinery and equipment indoors. All models are certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards.

Hotsy 9400 Series

9400 Series Heating Module, 3200 psi max, 10 gpm max, 6 gpm min

Hotsy 5700/5800 Series

Meet the flagship of the Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washer line - the 5700 / 5800 Series. This stationary heavy-duty series is ideal for wash bay installations, and is powerful enough for dual-gun operation. With its 15 HP Baldor motor driving the Hotsy Pump, backed by a 7-year warranty, the 5700 Series delivers cleaning power of up to 9.5 gpm and 3000 psi. The 5700 / 5800 Series can be outfitted to heat with oil, natural gas or liquid propane. All models are certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards.

Mi-T-M HEG Series

Designed and specified by industry professionals, the HEG Series offers you the most efficient wash bay set-up on the market.

Mi-T-M HEG HV Series

All the same great features you come to expect from Mi-T-M, but with the high volume wash and natural gas/LP features built in. This is an excellent choice for heavy mud and solids removal application.

Mi-T-M HGM Series

Want to turn up the temperature on your Mi-T-M cold water pressure washer? This natural gas/LP heater module is the perfect add-on to the cold water washer you already have in operation.

Hydro Tek HN Series

The HN Series is an ideal stationary unit offering high output that is fully controlled at the wash site with its standard remote control. It delivers the ultimate in convenience to save time and money: no fuel tanks to fill, no pilot to light, no garden hose to hunt down, no running back to the machine to turn the soap on, it even has automatic shut off. This rugged and proven washer will perform and thrive under the harshest industrial applications. Its versatile cleaning power is preferred by mining, fleet managers, processing plants, and factories everywhere.

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