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Biological Recycle/Discharge System


This system offers models available for either Recycle or Discharge operations. Each unit offers added benefits, such as:
- Lower maintenance than any recycle system on the market today.
- Low operating costs.
- Simple equipment operation.
- CSA approved control panel meets the requirements of the US and Canadian standards for an Industrial Control Panel.


Specification Sheet


Model System Type Max Flow Rate (gpm) Tank Capacity
Power Specs
BIO-20D-0M10 discharge 20 890 230V/1ph/20A
BIO-20D-1M10 discharge 20 890 230V/1ph/20A
BIO-20D-0M30 discharge 20 890 230V/3ph/10A
BIO-20D-1M30 discharge 20 890 230V/3ph/10A
BIO-20R-0M10 recycle 20 890 230V/1ph/22A
BIO-20R-1M10 recycle 20 890 230V/1ph/22A
BIO-20R-0M30 recycle 20 890 230V/1ph/15A
BIO-20R-1M30 recycle 20 890 230V/3ph/15A
BIO-20R-0M11 recycle 20 890 230V/1ph/22A
BIO-20R-1M11 recycle 20 890 230V/1ph/22A
BIO-20R-0M31 recycle 20 890 230V/3ph/15A
BIO-20R-1M31 recycle 20 890 230V/3ph/15A
BIO-25R-0M10 recycle 25 1434 230V/1ph/30A
BIO-25R-1M10 recycle 25 1434 230V/1ph/30A
BIO-25R-0M30 recycle 25 1434 230V/3ph/14A
BIO-25R-1M30 recycle 25 1434 230V/3ph/14A
BIO-35R-0M10 recycle 35 2244 230V/1ph/30A
BIO-35R-1M10 recycle 35 2244 230V/1ph/30A
BIO-35R-0M30 recycle 35 2244 230V/3ph/14A
BIO-35R-1M30 recycle 35 2244 230V/3ph/14A


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